ReStory benefits Topeka Habitat for Humanity because everyone deserves a safe place to live.  

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What is Restory?

ReStory is a contest to INSPIRE you with home designs!  Stone & Story Real Estate Group & Dultmeier Homes awards 2 NEW home stylists the chance to style a new home and YOU vote to see who wins $1,500!  You donate to VOTE and all the donations go to Topeka Habitat for Humanity to support safe homes.

Being SAFE is important with COVID-19, so we have 3 ways you can support our community!



Virtual Tour

You can do the virtual tour from your home and watch the videos to vote for your favorite stylist and house! For the virtual tour, continue scrolling on this page.


Shop The Styles

You can set a personal appointment to SHOP THE STYLES with all the proceeds going to Topeka Habitat for Humanity.


Open House

Sunday, June 28th from 1 to 4 you can come to an Open House and shop and check it out.


Why Restory?


Our Restore and how Topeka Habitat for Humanity supports our community
The story of why ReStory began to inspire home styles and opportunities for new home stylists.

The Designers


Angelina Lira is from Scranton Kansas she has lived in Topeka for 10 years. She works in the service industry and is known to be very personable and attentive to her guests as she will be with her clients when styling there home. Angelina has always shared a love for design whether it be home decor, fashion or art taste is something she doesn’t lack. From her style of rustic farmhouse to sleek and clean design you won’t be disappointed. Angelina is very grateful and excited for her opportunity to work with Stone and Story Real Estate and Keller Williams One Legacy Partners and of course Topeka Habitat for Humanity. Listen to Angelina tell her story.



Katie is a compliance consultant who finds home styling to be a great outlet for her creative side. She developed her passion for renovation and staging three years ago, when she and her husband purchased their first home in Topeka. Katie transformed her home from a blank slate into a space that fit her personality and tastes. 

Her goal is to help people find their own style and realize that they can create spaces they love without breaking the bank. She loves DIY projects and creating things for her home that are unique. Katie is very excited to learn more about styling through Restory, and to support Topeka Habitat for Humanity. Listen to Katie tell her story. 


The Homes

The Designer Challenge



5725 SW 55th Street Topeka, KS 66618


View Staged MatterPort



3544 NW 53rd Terr Topeka, KS 66618


View Staged MatterPort




  • Be sure you have watched the designer challenges
  • As you are watching the challenges determine who you think has done the best work. 
  • Go vote on your favorite! The voting process is as follows:
    1. Select the Vote button below. 
    2. Fill out some brief information about yourself. 
    3. Make a contribution. Again, all proceeds go the Topeka Habitat for Humanity.
    4. After you make your contribution you will be given the link to cast your vote! 


Go Vote!!!